Newbridge, NJ

I listen to Scharpling archives all day. So happy when this came in the mail.

Piggy Bank

Purchased at Melrose market. Hand painted.

Bobblehead Day!

Got this gem at Greinke bobblehead day.

'Merica Boxing Gloves

Nice gift from downtown Los Angeles. I think that's 70 stars, better count to make sure.

My Old Dog

This is Sophie, she's old and you can't teach her any new tricks.

Painting I Picked Up

A little painting I picked up on Sunset. Not exactly sure of the artist.

Signage Pick Up

Interesting little cast iron sign. I have no idea what it means.

Hawaii = Best

Amazing view on one of the small islands

My Hosoi Deck

One of my favorite items. Signed by Hosoi and Alva.

Black Sheep

This is a score. Its a wooden sheep painted gold and has a special fur that escapes me. Not a bad fur, the good one like sheep. Anyways, I put a gold chain and a Dodgers hat on it. It sort of looks like Doughboy from Boyz in the hood.